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About Mipro

Mipro is a company engaged in "subsystems for ammunition and warheads" where fuzes and fuze components are the most important products and specialities.

The todays Mipro was founded 1949 and after some different ownerships by the NAF Group, SAAB Group, SAAB SCANIA Group and FFV Group (after merging with Bofors, Swedish Ordnance Group) Mipro is since 1989 a family owned company.
Mipro is led by a team of engineers and technicians which all together have more than 100 years of experience in fuze design and fuze production. Mipro has produced and upgraded over 2,5 million fuzes and approximately 950.000 S&A units has also been delivered to different fuze suppliers/cooperation parties since 1949.

Since the start Mipro have made deliveries to the Swedish armed forces as well as to several countries throughout the world.

Thus Mipro has over 30 years of experience of exporting its products and consequently all necessary documentations and knowledge of rules around export licenses and forwarding of military and dangerous goods.

The present management team has been in charge since 1989.